The cold unhealthy days of 1996 saw the climax of darkness and Black Metal in the great Occitania, a southern French province featuring the greatest medieval castles.
A medieval dream, with its characters and maps, was increasingly entrenching in the mind of a young man who both wanted to strengthen his blood ties with his ancestors and express all of his inner darkness. From this medieval, dark, macabre and pagan spirit Darkhyrys gave birth to the stories of the Kingdom of Ghämal ; out of these dreadful and cruel stories, expressed through the eyes of princess Vigïa......came Diamond Eyed Princess......The band’s concept takes us through battles as well as celebrations, cold and macabre situations or heroic epics, from verdant countries to arid and icy lands, a diversity expressed also in D.E.P.’s music ; the songs range from warlike medieval atmospheres to a fast and powerful black metal, from epic pagan metal to melodic and atmospheric black metal, as well as psychedelic, unhealthy atmospheres. Besides the usual instruments, the band uses 3 clean voices and folk instruments (including 3 bagpipes, a shawm, tambourines, flutes and lutes) in the medieval songs and the pagan metal parts. Some of the lyrics and song titles are even written in a language created by Darkhyrys, Ghämalian, the native language of the characters of the concept-story, which is developed through two books (Tales from the kingdom of Ghamäl, The quest of Gueläal).
From the beginning, D.E.P. used to bring their concept on stage, constantly trying to re-create the esoteric atmosphere and warlike rage they've been known for. In order to recreate this atmosphere live, the musicians play acoustic folkloric instruments, they use samples, stage costumes, and even sometimes some kind of choreographies.
Between 2001 and 2006, the band has played a series of mythical underground gigs notably in a forest, a bunker and other old military forts in France, north Spain, Italy and Switzerland.
The first split demo (United to conquer), released in 1999 under the banner of Aura Mystique Prods., got an amazing succes, partly due to the sulfurous past of the musicians notably Lord Rimmon and Darkhyrys. The real career of the band started in 2001 with the « Pagan Rite » album, also on Aura Mystique, which was hailed as a reference in medieval black metal.
One had to wait until 2007 to discover both the texts of the whole concept and the chronological continuation to the previous album, the new opus : Korlgueläal. This album, literaly « The quest of Gueläal », take us in his bloody and tormented epic, each track being an act of the story.
Diamond Eyed Princess' soldiers are ready to come back on stage to spill the spiritual darkness and the pagan agressiveness of their new album!

What could be crueler than the violence of battle witnessed through innocent eyes of diamond ?…

Official line up:

Darkhyrys - (Guitars - vocals - medieval instruments - drums)
Ghroth - (Bass - backing vocals - medieval instruments)
Lwyleina - (keyboards - backings vocals - medieval instruments)

wsl   Production - Recording - Mixing at WSL Studio    wsl