Friday, 17, June 2011
REVIEWS online !

6 new reviews and 1 interview in the "REVIEWS" section.

Friday, 12, November 2010
Concept available !

You can read now, in the "CONCEPT" section, the "Korlgueläal" concept book II in french.
Vous pouvez maintenant lire, dans la section "CONCEPT" le livre concept II de "Korlgueläal" en français.

Friday, 29, October 2010

The new assault "Korlgueläal" is now available in the "STORE" section.

Tuesday, 10, August 2010

The new macabre medieval opus “KORLGUELAAL” will be released on october 2010 on Northern Silence Productions. The sequel to “PAGAN RITE” deals with a black quest of power for the kingdom of Ghamäl...

Inside ice mountains, over enflamed lakes...Gods are lying
Crossing damned lands and the mighty winds...Gods are dying

" Farewell, Mother, forgive my passion ! "

The songs reflect the different steps of this quest and emphatize the feelings it creates (fear, honour, pride...). The music has found its way into a more metal spirit reinforced by the beat of “real” drums and an overall organic sound.

The opus will be released as a 40 pages Deluxe A5 Digibook containing song illustrations, 2 maps, an A3 poster and the follow-up to the concept: The all new book II !!!


A new wesbsite design for a new album !!!
As you can see, We have a new site with new sections ! You can now find the complete biography, the gigs informations, a collection of “Pagan Rite” reviews, the new “Korlgueläal” lyrics, new promo and live pictures, wallpapers, a complete press page and....the whole huge Diamond Eyed Princess concept !!!



Three songs from our next opus are now available on the Diamond Eyed Princess myspace page:

You can finally find a short Diamond Eyed Princess' CONCEPT in the "infos" section. This will help you understanding the songs !

The new album Korlgueläal is finally ready......more news SOON !!!

The FALKENBACH TRIBUTE album is now available!!!!!


Part I:

Anakron - Baldurs Tod
Folkearth - Heathenpride
Theudho - Where blood will soon be shed
Bombensturm - Walkiesjar
Hildr Valkyrie - The Heralder
Armageddon Architect - Homeward Shore
Rache Engel - Into the ardent awaited land...
Karna - Ultima Thule

Part II:

Morgan the bard - Galdralag
Hordak - When Gjallarhorn will sound...
Geist - Laeknishendr
Diamond Eyed Princess - Aduatuza
Eluveitie - Vanadis
Forgotten Daylight - Winternight
Vinterriket - Walhall
Bewitched - The ardent awaited land


You can now download for free our first demo "United to conquer" in the download section.

In order to celebrate Falkenbach's 15th anniversary, Cellulanus Semivivus, the webmaster of the band, is planning to make a very limited tribute album. Diamond Eyed Princess will contribute to it with a cover version of "Aduatuza"..... More infos soon.

Korlgueläal recording sessions pictures are now online in the "gallery / various" section.

The recording sessions have been delayed to september due to drummer problems ..... Darkhyrys will play the drum parts.

New version of the site.

Some news for Diamond Eyed Princess : The band is about to enter the WOLFSANGEL STUDIO to record next opus Korlgueläal.